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What To Look For In A Pet Boarding Facility

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If you are going on a trip and you can't take your pet with you, and have no one to care for it, it's time to find a pet boarding facility you can use. It's great to get your pet familiar with a pet boarding facility so they can go there if you are ever in a bind, and you know they feel comfortable with their surroundings. Here are a few things you'll want to consider when you look at the requirements the boarding facility requests.

Vaccinations Required

It's very important you choose a pet boarding facility that requires all of their pets be vaccinated, and that you have your pet up to date on their shots. Not only do you want to know that your dog couldn't catch anything that they have a vaccination for if there was an accident, but you want to know the other pet owners are as diligent as you about maintaining their pets' health.

Flea Inspection

Many boarding facilities require that the animal goes through a flea inspection before they are allowed to stay and interact with other dogs. You may want to check your animal in advance so it isn't a problem. This also gives you peace of mind, because you know that the other pets in the building don't have fleas.

Temperament Test

It can be difficult to know how your pet is going to react when they are forced to interact with other animals they aren't familiar with. The facility should require that the pet take a temperament test, where they are put in situations with other animals for extended periods of time. Not only do you want to do this to know that your pet will behave while they are there, but also that the other animals are going to be friendly.  

If your pet can't get along with other pets during group play time, you may have to pay an additional fee for them to stay. The animal is going to need additional care and special attention while it's played with, but this may be worth the cost if you have nowhere else to take your pets.  You don't want to just take your pet anywhere, so check out the reviews and make sure the facility doesn't have health code violations and other warning signs. Your pet is like a loved one, so make sure they are going to be treated right.

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