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Tips To Help You Cure Your Maine Coon's Matted Fur

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It can be frustrating to see your Maine Coon's fur become matted even if you regularly bathe and brush it. However, there are definitely some things you can do to fix this problem. Here are some tips to help your Maine Coon's appearance get back on track.

1. Focus on the Undercoat

The good news is that even though the Maine Coons are a long-haired breed, their grooming should be minimal compared to other long-haired breeds because their undercoat is less dense. The "heavy maintenance" period will be during the wintertime, when their coat is thicker.

However, if your Maine Coon's fur is matting, it may be because you aren't paying enough attention to the undercoat. When you brush your cat, focus on the fluffy, down hair. If your cat has a mat, hold the base of the hair (to avoid pulling your cat's skin) and work it out with a fine-tooth comb or flea comb (these can break up matted fur really well). Try to work on your cat's undercoat when they are tired or happy to see you; if your cat is unhappy during brushing, it will only make it that much harder!

2. Brush Them With a Special Vacuum Attachment

Yes, believe it or not, there are actually manufacturers that have created vacuum attachments to use like pet brushes. While you probably vacuum vigorously with a regular vacuum to remove dander and fur, these specialty vacuums have a suctioning power that's safe to use on your cat. These vacuums are fantastic at reducing matted fur.

Even though Maine Coons typically have laid-back dispositions, you could still scare them with an attachment if you aren't careful. Ask your local groomer to show you how to use one. Try brushing your cat with an attachment while it is off, and then work up to turning the vacuum on.

3. Ask a Vet or Groomer for the "Lion Cut"

If you are all about the "no-maintenance" grooming, you may want to go to a grooming service like Town & Country Kennel Inc. and get your Maine Coon a classic style called the "Lion Cut." The groomer will basically shave everything but your cat's head and tail tip (sometimes they leave fur on the forearms and paws). These cuts look really nice on Maine Coons because of their muscular body and flowing coats. But best of all, this cut makes it impossible for your Coon's fur to mat!

4. Change Its Diet

Last but not least, you may want to reassess your cat's diet. If you aren't feeding your Maine Coon the right food, their fur will look bad no matter how often you groom them. There are cat foods that contain oils and vitamins specifically designed to reduce mats and furballs.

Follow these tips and your Maine Coon should be looking great in no time!