Safeguarding Fido While on Vacation

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Three Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy At Daycare And Boarding

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Dog daycares and boarding facilities are a great place to get your dog some much-needed socialization time and keep him safe when you have to be away from home. However, just like human daycare facilities are a great way to spread germs among children, dog daycare facilities are a breeding ground for germs. Your dog doesn't have to get sick from going to daycare or boarding; the following tips will help you keep your furry friend safe and healthy so he can enjoy time with his friends.

Kennel Cough Vaccines Are Necessary, But Not Fool-Proof

Many dog parents get their dog vaccinated against kennel cough, or bordetella, every six months and think no more about it. However, the vaccine itself does not protect your dog from all strains of kennel cough. There are at least 40 agents that can cause kennel cough in your dog; only a few of these are present in the kennel cough vaccine. However, even though the vaccine doesn't ward off all strains of kennel cough, it can help lessen the effects of the illness if your dog contracts it. So, while kennel cough vaccines won't provide an iron-clad defense against your dog contracting this illness, it can lessen the illness and help keep kennel cough from developing into pneumonia, canine influenza or other complications. 

Canine Influenza Is a Very Real and Serious Threat

There are two identified strains of canine influenza: CIV H3N2 and CIV H3N8. Cases of canine influenza have been identified in at least 30 states, with major outbreaks occurring in the Chicago area and the State of Georgia. There is a vaccination for canine influenza; if your veterinarian recommends it, you should definitely take them up on the chance to get your dog vaccinated against canine influenza. If the vaccine is not available or is not an option for your pooch, make sure your dog's daycare or lodging facility fully checks all dogs for signs of flu before they are admitted for boarding or play time. This is not a fool-proof method to ward off all chances of your dog contracting the flu, but it will go a long way to keeping your dog healthy.

Vaccinations Are Imperative

Everyone is busy, and it can be easy to forget your dog's regular vaccination schedule or put it off until later. However, vaccines work best when they are given on a regular schedule, and done on-time every time. This ensures that your dog is never unprotected against communicable diseases. Keep close track of your dog's vaccination schedule, and don't ignore those calls from the vet or postcards in the mail that are meant to remind you to make an appointment. Your dog's health can't be replaced, and one missed vaccine can be disastrous.

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