Safeguarding Fido While on Vacation

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Your Dog Needs A Vacation Too: Picking The Right Dog Boarding Facility Made Easier

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Though your pet offers you great company, there are seasons of the year when you might feel the need to have some time alone. For that reason, you might opt to take your annual vacation without your animal friend. Besides, some resorts and vacation rentals do not allow pets.

In these situations, you will need a dog boarding facility to host your valuable animal friend when you are away. However, choosing the right facility is not always easy. Here are tips to help you choose the best one: 

Visit the Facility Beforehand

You will probably start by checking the boarding facility's website and social media pages to see the services they offer. While the image most companies portray online matches their standards, few fail to offer what they promise. For that reason, it is advisable to visit the facility to get first-hand details of the environment.

Taking a tour of the dog boarding facility allows you to evaluate its cleanliness, hygiene, and organization. If what you see does not meet your expectations, move to another option. Other areas to check include the condition of the fences and the play areas. Also, ask if they separate the smaller pets from the larger ones during play.

Ask if They Have a Vet on Call

Like humans, pets experience medical emergencies. Because of that, you should leave your pet in a facility offering emergency veterinary services. The availability of a vet is an assurance they will take good care of your pet in case of an accident or unexpected medical situation. 

Besides, it is an assurance that the boarding facility cares about the health and welfare of the animals left in their care. Also, some pet boarding facilities offer additional services such as spa treatments and grooming to leave your pet feeling pampered. 

Talk With the Staff

You will learn many things by speaking to the facility's staff. The open line of communication enables you to know more about the people with whom you will leave your pet and their care practices. Creating a rapport with them also makes it easier to call when you are away to inquire about your pet.

The above tips will go a long way in making your selection for an ideal pet facility easier. Therefore, you should take time and choose a facility that will put all your fears to rest and allow you to enjoy your vacation.

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