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Prioritize Safety When Choosing A Dog Boarding Kennel For Your Puppy

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It's normal to be worried the first time you're bringing your dog to a boarding kennel, especially when they are still a puppy. Suppose you're eager to find a kennel where you can feel safe having your dog stay. In that case, there are many things to consider that can significantly improve safety. Instead of being uncertain about what will provide the most safety, consider the following things to check when comparing different kennels.

Visit in Person and Check the Kennels

One of the most useful things you can do is visit a kennel in person. This will allow you to get better insight into how the kennel looks and exactly where your puppy will be staying. Since you don't want to run into an issue where your puppy could escape, you need to see just how secure the individual kennels are and what the play area is like.

Group play sessions that are done outdoors need to have secure fencing or even a roof overhead to eliminate the chance of an escape. Seeing exactly how the kennel looks in person can significantly alleviate your concerns about having your puppy stay at a kennel for the first time.

Ask About Secure Entry to the Building

Another thing to check either in person or by speaking to a manager is seeing exactly who will have access to the building. Depending on the location of the kennel, you don't want to run into situations where someone could simply walk inside and get to the dogs without much effort. Looking for kennels that have a secure entry and keep the dogs far away from unauthorized people is essential since you don't want your dog exposed to strangers while staying at the kennel.

Check If There are Overnight Attendants  

If your puppy ever needs help, finding a kennel with overnight attendance can be so helpful. You don't want to be in a situation where your puppy needs medical care or other assistance and nobody is available to help. Discussing whether there are overnight attendants can provide great peace of mind over whether your puppy gets around-the-clock care as needed.

With so many options for different kennels your puppy can stay at, you can feel much better about your choice. With the above safety tips in mind, you'll understand what separates some of the different kennels and have an easier time having your puppy stay at a kennel for the first time. 

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