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How To Help Your Dog Stay Calm For Pet Grooming

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Pet grooming services help your dog's health, beauty, and overall well-being. Taking your dog to be groomed on a regular basis can help avoid issues like thrush and reduce parasite infestation. If your dog has never been professionally groomed, your canine companion might freak out. Use the following methods to help your dog stay calm.

Establish a Routine

Establish a clear routine with your dog. That's the most important factor in helping your dog feel calm during the pet grooming appointment as well as the commute going to and from the facilities. It can start by the fact that you always go on the weekend when you're not going about your normal daily activities. You may have a certain thing you feed your dog before taking it for the grooming appointment or prepare a specific collar that's only used at that time. Try to put the same towel and toys in the pet taxi for the trip.

Do a variety of things that your dog can rely on each week to happen before the grooming appointment. After the pet grooming is completed, try to make a habit of taking your pet to the dog park or playing with it in the yard. Research has shown that dogs have episodic memory, so routine can be an important part of keeping your canine companion calm.

Tend to Anxious Pets

If your dog tends to be overly anxious, be proactive to help your canine companion keep their cool. A non-weighted calming vest may do the trick for some dogs, while the Los Angeles Times reports that dog yoga is now a thing for zen pets.

Help Your Dog Stay Calm During Handling

A dog groomer is going to need to handle your dog in numerous areas during grooming services. Get your dog used to this by saying the part of the dog's body, like "back" before petting your dog on the back. After the indication and putting a hand on your pet, give them a treat. Do this for such areas as the muzzle, eyes, ears, paws, and belly. This will help your dog see that there is no harm to being handled, and it sometimes offers rewards.

Finally, keep in mind that your dog may be a little scared the first couple of times. That's normal. Simply work on the soothing techniques for your dog and focus on establishing a routine so that it gets easier over time. Your dog will thank you in how well it responds to grooming over time. Check out the site.